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National and international arbitration
  • handling of arbitration proceedings as arbitrator or as counsel,
  • parallel judicial proceedings before state courts ("juge d’appui"),
  • settings aside of arbitral awards,
  • exequatur proceedings,
  • drafting of complex arbitration clauses,
  • rendering of opinions on the opportunity of arbitration, the choice of the arbitral institution, the place of arbitration, or the arbitrators to appoint.

Corporate law
  • incorporation of companies and partnerships (drafting of articles of incorporation, …),
  • mergers and acquisitions,
  • cooperation between enterprises,
  • financial regulation (public bids to acquire, declaration of significant shareholdings ,…),
  • shareholders agreements,
  • liability of company directors,
  • transfer of enterprises (sale of business undertakings, sellers guarantees, …) and of business lines.

Commercial litigation
  • legal representation in disputes of business law (breach of contracts, unfair practices, disputes between shareholders, exclusion of shareholders, annulment of decisions taken by the board of directors or by the general meeting of shareholders),
  • judicial reorganisation or bankruptcy proceedings.

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